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Hot Night 4 Kosuke & Yusaku

Yusaku has been the wild boi around Japan, with his sexy sneer, body covered in tattoos, pierced cock and split tongue. Usually the other models see his fierce look and lift their legs up to take his oversized dick. But not always. When Yusaku sets up a date with built, muscular Kosuke, his inner bottom cries out for a hot night of bottoming for a change. They kiss and start out with friendly cocksucking and nip tweaks, but when the hot raw fuck action starts, Kosuke gets his way with the edgy stud.

After a passionate 69, Kosuke lubes up a finger and drills it deep into Yusaku. He buries his face into his buddy’s lean-muscled ass and licks the twitching hole. When he rises to his knees and plows in from behind, he lets out a satisfied groan as his dick slides in to the fuzzy root. Yusaku cranes his neck to turn around and lock lips with the smooth, sexy top. Kosuke wraps his arms around Yusaku’s collarbone and pulls his body into a sharp curve as he thrusts in. Things are heating up. When Yusaku rolls onto his back with ankle spread wide, he beams with delight. It’s been a while since he’s had this kind of deep, connected screw. As he feels his own load bubbling up from his heavy nuts, he tweaks Kosuke’s nips to drive his buddy over the edge too. Once Yusaku geysers out his wad, Kosuke’s not far behind. He pulls out and just a few strokes has him adding to the hot creamy puddle on Yusaku’s defined abs.