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Japanboyz – Hookup With Haru – Haru x Hiroya

Now that new Japnboyz model Haru has grown out of bleach-haired boyishness and embraced his hot studly manhood, it was inevitable that our resident rawfucking royalty Hiroya would cum sniffing around for a piece of Haru’s thick round booty. Right from the start they can’t keep their hands off each other. Dressed in formal Japanese robes, Haru wants to strip down and Hiroya’s already got a hand diving in to tweak Haru’s nips and get the action started. From kisses to body friction and nip-licks, to ass eating and the main raw ramming event, their hookup builds and heats up slowly but steadily.

As Hiroya groans out his satisfaction, Haru gets into the same groove and soon they’re a moaning manpile. They grind their tight, lean bodies together like parts of a well-lubed fuck machine. Handsome Hiroya’s trusty buttrammer delivers all the stiff slick fuck Haru’s growling for, and soon they’re both perched at the edge of exploding. Hiroya drenches Haru’s lean-muscled chest in a creamy splatter, and it fires up Haru even more. He strokes his cock just a bit before he’s also spraying his hot wad, and the two lie cuddled in a well-deserved afterglow.