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Japanboyz – Kosuke Rams Reach

Sexy muscleboy Reach is a happy versatile, smiling and enjoying every minute whether he’s slamming a hungry Asian bottom, or taking the biggest and meatiest tools the Japanboyz stable has to offer. This is in contrast to stern, stony Kosuke, who pursues his hookups with a fierce intensity and a range of facial expressions from focused to obsessed, but always serious. They say opposites attract, and these guys have some wildly divergent approaches to enjoying a man to man hookup.

But just because he seems stone-faced doesn’t mean Kosuke is uninvolved. Far from it. And Reach is there, happily groaning as every thrust and stroke hits his magic button and sends his p-spot into bottom man heaven. Their bodies writhe and knit together like a well-oiled pleasure machine until libidos boil over and they hit the cum jackpot. Reach ends his hot hookup date with a cum-splattered tummy and a smile on his face, and if Kosuke is not exactly beaming with smiles, he does look relieved and spent after a deep, satisfying fuck.