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Ramu Under Covers – Ramu and Rio

Ramu is one of the best-looking and most popular of the new models in the Japanboyz stable. Tonight he’s cozying up with hot muscleboy Rio, cuddling under a soft blanket. But with horny boys, cuddling often turns into something hot and sexxxy, and these guys immediately move from cuddles to kisses, to nip tweaking, to dick slurping, to rimming, to full on raw fucking action. And Ramu is not shy giving a horny moan or squeal to tip off Rio that he’s doing something very right.

Once Rio is plowing his thick cock into Ramu’s tight booty, both studs are groaning, panting and showing their unbridled erotic lust. Ramu wraps his shapely thighs around Rio’s waist and lets the experienced guy take him for a hot and juicy cock ride. Rio grabs Ramu by the hips and drills his woody in balls deep, and things heat up past the boiling point. Ramu rises to a kneel as Rio pounds in from behind, holding his buddy with both arms around his smooth muscular chest. Ramu grits his teeth in satisfaction, closes his eyes and splatters out a hot creamy wad. Rio pulls out just in time to add his own sticky puddle to the tasty mess.