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Ride Me – Short Trip, Long Dick – Kai Cho x Nolan Knox

Getting into a car with a cruisy stranger can be risky business, and when rideshare driver Nolan Knox pulls up next to hot twink Kai Cho to offer him a ride, Kai’s not tempted. “You’re creepy, get away!” is his first response. But when Nolan flashes his innocent smile and offers to take him wherever he’s going, Kai’s dick starts doing the thinking for him. He just lives across the street, so it’s not any long ride.

Before they’re even inside the door, Kai fondles Nolan’s big cock and Nolan pulls him closer into a deep kiss. By the time they tackle each other to a nearby couch they’re out of their clothes and grinding their crotches together. Nolan’s first to take a big musky mouthful of Kai’s stiff tool, and Kai’s booty starts twitching in anticipation. But once Kai gets his tongue buried in Nolan’s smooth butt, the game plan takes an unexpected turn. Kai thrusts his bare cock deep into the horny driver. Nolan groans and braces his outstretched hands against the carpet.

He climbs up and straddles Kai’s skinny waist to get the deepest penetration he can. Kai rams in and beats Nolan’s cock for good measure. Things heat up even more. He pulls out just in time to fire off a big sticky load, with Nolan splattering his sperm at just that same moment. While they enjoy a post-orgasm kiss, Nolan the rideshare driver gets an alert from the passenger he was supposed to pick up a half hour ago. But this hookup was definitely worth the trouble.