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Rio’s Tieup – Hiroya x Rio

For fans of hot sexy businessmen clad in shirts and ties, but giving in to their raging hardons to have sex without even stripping out of work clothes, have we got a scene for you! And guys who get off on a bit of bondage and captive edging, we haven’t forgotten you either. Handsome Asian muscleman Hiroya has sexy muscleboy Rio just where he wants him, bound in leather cuffs and blindfold yet dressed in proper white shirt and tie. He teases Rio erotically, taking him to the very edge of orgasm will the stud can’t hold back and squirts his sperm before their sex is even halfway done. But Rio’s appetite just gets stronger, and he sucks Hiroya’s big cock till it’s hard as steel.

Hiroya takes his big stiff hardon and puts it to perfect use inside Rio’s cockhungry asshole, fucking him bareback and mercilessly. Rio begs for all the slam-bang plowing Hiroya can dish out, then throbs and spasms uncontrollably when Hiroya breeds his cum deep inside. Fucked-out Rio beams with pride when the hot top pulls out and he’s left drenched in his own cum and leaking Hiroya’s load from his twitching butthole.