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Tattooed Love Boys – Rikiya x Yusaku

Experienced Japanboy Yusaku and new guy Rikiya, who has been around the block sexually and on camera but is just working his way through our stable of horny Japanboyz models, are a study in contrasts and commonality. Edgy fetish stud Yusaku is pale, cool and kinky, with a wicked glint in his eye. Tan, built and beautiful Riki is more conventionally attractive, more the type that every guy’s cock leaps up for. But both guys have a passion for passion, preferring to be connected to their scene partners. And both are defined by big bold tattoos that make their bodies into billboards for sex and free expression. When they strike a spark, it’s almost explosive.

Starting with the kisses, cuddles and nipple tweaks Japanboyz members expect, they stay cheeky and fun, Yusaku smiling and chuckling as Riki chews on his nipple. As things heat up, these different studs move closer and tighter. Their bodies twine together and their moans and low growls tip off their partner to exactly how and where this leads. Riki facefucks Yusaku, then plows his stiff uncut tool deep into the versatile fetish guy. Yusaku gets hot and sweaty, can’t stop his thick pierced dick from streaming out a creamy river of cum when Riki hits the magic spot inside. Riki keeps on pumping to Yusaku’s delight and satisfaction, speeding up to add his splatter of sperm and scrape them up to lick and share with his hot new buddy.