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The Happy Ending Massage – Kurosuke and Ruito

Worn out Ruito perks up when his masseur appears in the form of hot and hung Kurosuke. He’s even more intrigued and turned on when the sexxxy masseur offers his “special services”, (Note: the first minute in its Japanese dialogue is untranslated, since it’s a tale old as time when the masseur gets handsy and offers the fabled “happy ending”.) Next thing youknow Kurosuke is on top of lean, goodlooking Ruito, rubbing his body against the horny client’s. Here Ruito was just looking for a massage, but tonight he hit the jackpot. And he isn’t complaining.

Kurosuke does remember to perform a bit of a back rub before he goes down to rub Ruito’s nether parts with hands, mouth and fingers, Ruito takes every new bit of erotic attention gladly, especially when Kurosuke climbs on ad straddles him, slides Ruito’s tool in bareback and balls deep. The warm massage room gets instantly hotter, and the guys’ sexual temperature also. The masseur rides on Ruito’s thick knob with vigor, getting that dick into all those hard-to-reach areas inside, and soon he’s ready to blast. The normal rule is that the customer cums first, but Kurosuke’s in a greedy mood and sprays out a creamy wad all the way to his chin. Drenched in cum and covering Ruito in little kisses, he coaxes a hot load from the client. Ruito got his happy ending after all.