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Toy Time Fun – Reach x Ruito

Sometimes a vers/top needs to take a little break and just indulge his bottom side. The playroom at Japanboyz is always busy, but tonight two of the hottest tops in our stable get a chance to please their hungry holes with a dizzying variety of anal sex toys. If we had to bet whose ass is more starved for pleasure between slim handsome Ruito and hot muscle stud Reach, it would be a very tough call. But it will make for a VERRRY fun watch!

Ruito and Reach kiss, cuddle and hug on the bed strewn with a bunch of toys, with more on the way. By the time they are tweaking each other’s nipples, their big cocks have popped out of their jocks and are pointing up proudly. They roll down to the bed and 69 as their curious fingers dive in to warm up those hungry booties. A few basic dildos are the first course in this banquet of ass-fillers. The helpful hand of the director pops in to assist them sharing one big double header. Lube drips down as their holes get tickled and turned on, ready for more. Lying ass to ass, they work the double dildo into their asses until their puckers are almost touching. A bigger pink jelly dong goes into both Ruito and Reach next. The buddies who share together get off together, it seems.

Fully erect and raring for action, Ruito drills his cock into Reach–sometimes a hole needs to feel a nice warm human fucktool. And Reach returns the favor, plowing his dick into Ruito’s stretched-open ass. But back to the main event. The director again lends his hand, manning the trigger of a dildo fuck machine for each of the buddies to enjoy. It rams in steadily as each gets his chance to moan in ultimate satisfaction. After that there’s nothing left to do but for two studs to lie down side by side, kiss and milk out their hot sticky wads together. The toy time party gets a pair of happy, sticky endings.