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Japanboyz – Bare Baller Koki – Koki x Ruito

Who knew that cutie Koki would turn into a hard-plowing bareback top?Well, handsome Japanboy Ruito sure found out when Koki took possession of his ass. They start out kissing, pretty aggressively. Koki wastes no time getting his mouth onto Ruito’s nips and dick, and especially his sweet hole. From the volume of Ruito’s moans of encouragement, he’s reveling in every minute. Koki slides into his booty with power and finesse, then thrusts away like he was born to fuck.

Ruito’s eyes glaze over dreamily as his butt gets filled with thick hard Asian cock. Koki turns up the tempo, smacking his pubes into Ruito’s crack with every relentless stroke. He shows a little mercy and slows to a sensuous deep screw that has his buddy gasping, panting and groaning even longer and louder. When it’s time to shoot his wad, Koki speeds up again, pulling out just in time to spray his sperm across Ruito’s lean abs. He works his nimble tongue across Ruito’s sensitive nips as the satisfied bottom milks out his own juicy splatter.