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Japanboyz – Creaming Koki – Koki x Yusaku

Cutie Koki has had some very hot vanilla sex so far, but is he ready to take what kinky hipster Yusaku’s slinging out with his big pierced cock and split tongue? Yusaku’s pretty gentle with the new guy here at Japanboyz, but his dick shows no mercy when he buries it raw and deep in Koki’s fuckstarved hole. Clad in their traditional Japanese robes, they stick to kisses, cuddles and sweet caresses to start, then Swallow down each other’s cocks to get the action going. Yusaku burrows his tongue up Koki’s smooth asshole, gets it wet and open. Positioning his big monster meat right at Koki’s quivering pucker, he lets it slide in balls deep and starts thrusting. Koki is not one for talking dirty but his moans and howls are all the communication he needs to keep any top plowing in hard.

Yuskau’s nuts are boiling up a thick load, and he can’t hold back much longer. When he pulls out for a couple of final strokes he splatters Koki’s smooth ass with a hot batch of fresh man cream. Koki’s so worked up his own load geysers out into a puddle on his lean abs.